Plumbing Services – Frankfort and Lebanon, Indiana

AAA Plumbing services Frankfort, Lebanon, and surrounding areas in Indiana.

Our team of technicians are prepared for large projects, emergency support, and everything in between.


Water Heaters

Have a worn out, old, inefficient water heater? We install a full line of commercial and residential water heaters, including tankless and instant heaters.

AAA carries a full line of Rheem and A O Smith water heaters for residential and commercial needs, which we can professionally install in little time.  We can also service or repair any make or model of water heater that you already own.  If you’ve got it, we’ve seen it, and we know how and what you need to stay efficient and fully operational.  We can also install any water heater you purchased and need installed.  So whether it’s an 80 gallon commercial water heater or a 5 gallon residential water heater, we’ve got you covered!

Sewer & Septic

Sewer and septic cleaning is usually not something you think about until it’s too late and you need someone right away! AAA is here to help with over 75 years of sewer, drain and septic cleaning. Our pros will asses the problem and get you back to draining in no time. Sewer cleaning is one of our specialties. We have all the latest in drain cleaning and inspection equipment to help us get the job done faster and more effectively. Saving you hundreds even thousands on your next plumbing problem. Whether it’s a small 1 ¼ sink line or a large 8 inch main drain AAA is your perfect solution for drain and sewer cleaning! Our technicians have been trained and have years of experience to not only get the job done but get it done right the first time. Drain cleaning is an art something we are very proud to be pros at!

Bathroom Remodels

Have an old, out of date bathroom? We can remodel from top to bottom and make that old eyesore the highlight of your home with so many options to choose from. Give AAA Plumbing a call, and we can point you in the right direction.



Drain Cleaning and Repair

Have your drains been gurgling or running slow? You may need a drain cleaning. Roots are constantly growing and damaging older drain lines. We can roto root those roots right out of there and save your drainage system before it’s too late.

Fiber Optic Inspection

AAA Plumbing has state of the art equipment to inspect and locate drainage systems that are questionable or damaged. This easy and clean system can save you hundreds of dollars on digging to just find that your system didn’t do or need what you think it did.

Gas Line Installations

Need a new gas fireplace installed? AAA Plumbing can run and install gas tite and black iron gas systems.

Hydro Jetting

AAA Plumbing now provides Hydro Jet services for both commercial and residential plumbing. This is a modern and effective high pressure water jetting service to clean and clear sewer lines of grease and build up.

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