Commercial Water Heater Prices

Commercial water heater prices can and usually cause my customers to go into shock. These heaters can cost many thousands of dollars and cost much more to install than a traditional residential design, but they have many major advantages over the residential style that are a must in commercial usage. The main advantage is that they can heat their water tanks to a higher degree up to ten times faster then any residential. This fact for a company or fast food restaurant can pay for the higher water heater prices in no time at all.

There are many brands of commercial water heaters out there. The big three are A.O. Smith, Rheem, and Bradford White. If you’ve been reading through my pages, you’ll see that these water heaters are mentioned in almost every page. That is because while they do have higher initial water heater prices, they are made with an excellent grade of quality and always carry an impressive warranty. Most of the parts are made and assembled in the U S. These companies also have some of the best tech support I’ve ever seen on any product I’ve used. They will spend the time to solve the problem. I’ve even had some of the companies send down technicians to help solve the problem at no cost! That’s something that you hardly ever see in today’s market for anything.

Most commercial water heaters today have an actual on-board computer. This computer controls all of the electronic ignition and is constantly observing all of the safety controls and temperature of the heaters. These are a must in any commercial water heater. If anything ever goes wrong, they will immediately go into a lock-out mode and will display an error code that will help a certified technician determine the next step in trouble shooting. These boards will obviously raise the water heater prices, but they will pay for themselves in labor charges if anything ever goes wrong. I’ve worked on commercial heaters that don’t have these control boards, and they can be extremely difficult to trouble shoot, and often the customer will pay much more for my labor than if they had just gotten the better quality heater and payed the higher water heater prices from the beginning.

Commercial water heaters are an entirely different animal in the water heater world than residential. Expect to pay much higher water heater prices and gain a much faster reclaim. Always do research and don’t ever go the cheapest way you can. Remember that in today’s market place, you get what you pay for.